Lotis Master
by Yuu Watase
Series: Alice 19th
Book: 1

What would you do if your words could literally affect the lives of others? Alice begins to find out exactly how it feels in the first volume of Yuu Watase’s (Fushigi Yugi, Ceres) series Alice 19th. Truly, all Alice wants to be able to confess her deep feelings for her sister Mayura’s quasi-boyfriend and archery classmate Kyo. But it becomes increasingly more difficult when Alice’s discovery and rescue of a mysterious, carrot-snatching rabbit gives her the ability to use the Lotis Words (words with underlying power, pretty much) and protect herself from disruptive forces, like the sketchy archer her sister sets Alice up with. Kyo, though unsure of pursuing any romantic interests with Mayura, casts himself in the role of protector of Alice from the get-go. However, whether Kyo sees Alice in any other light than a youth subject to precarious situations remains to be seen in the future installments, which will hopefully put Alice against riskier, more dangerous foes than just a hormonal teenage kid who needs a good kick in the behind. The underlying concept of Alice 19th and its relatable characters, though, are interesting and intriguing.

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