Inner Heart
by Yuu Watase
Series: Alice 19th
Book: 2

Can’t say I’ve had any cute guys come up to me and claim me as their fiancée, but I would probably be a bit wary too. Such happens to Alice right in the hallways of her school…and right in front of her secret love, Kyo. But Frey, the strange marrying guy, has a much deeper purpose and joins Kyo and Alice in their mission to save Alice’s sister from a strong darkness, bringing to the table a more expanded knowledge about the Lotis Words and the group’s destinies as Lotis Masters. The main foe the teens face in Inner Heart isn’t very scary (she comes in the form of Oishi, a prissy, stick-up clique chick with a bit of scary on the side), but it does help the group gain a better understanding of how the whole otherworld, darkness-of-heart, kidnapping spirits thing works. Sure, Frey’s protective presence makes things a bit confusing, but Alice’s unintended love triangle is an adorable one with, considering they’re illustrated manga characters, two quite hot guys.

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