Dog On It: A Chet and Bernie Mystery
by Spencer Quinn

A private detective is presented a case of what appears to be a simple teenage runaway and a panicked parent, but as the desert-based P.I. suspects something more sinister is at play, he becomes involved enough to put himself in the crosshairs of the perpetrators. Oh, and did I mention the story is told by his just-a-cat-shy-of-graduated police dog Chet? It would be a simple detective mystery with no outstanding qualities if it wasn’t for the perspective of Bernie’s highly-intelligent and –loyal, but easily distracted, pooch, who brings all kinds of hilarity and hi-jinks to the mix. It’s hard not to roar in laughter at Chet’s accurate retelling of human conversation, but way-off interpretations, along with the minor distractions that leap into his narration, like the errant tree that needs marking or dog treat that needs gobbling. Chet’s loyalty is inspiring, though, as he, through all means at his disposal (including hitching a ride with burly bikers), never fails in making his way to Bernie’s side to come to his aid. The first in, if this book is any indication, a wonderful, delightfully hilarious series with suspense, warmth, and dog biscuits.

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Author Website: Chet the Dog

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