by Veronica Roth

Upon turning 16, her decision to switch virtuous factions throws Beatrice Prior into a world far separated from the one she's known, without her family or any indication of what's to come. Little does she know that her powerful ability to control her fears could become the key element that could rip the government's five factions apart. Though reminiscent of Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games, with a strong-willed female lead, Divergent is a story all its own, with unexpected twists and a lightning-fast speed that makes you crave more. The characters are deep, emotionally complex beings with untold back stories just itching to be revealed, and Beatrice's romantic relationship with one of them is sensual and sexy, but still appropriate for its intended audience. An addictive read with hopefully many sequels to come.

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Author Website: Veronica Roth

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