by Hilary Duff

If you pry open this book thinking it will be a mushy come-together-break-apart-and-come-together-again love story with clich├ęd twists and turns long used up by the imagination-exhausted film industry, think again. Sure, there’s some romance, smooching, and passenger-seat action, but that is far from the main story. Surprisingly, former Lizzie McGuire actress Hilary Duff delivers an interesting, though borderline cheesy story based around a young girl in the spotlight (hmm…) named Clea whose photos since birth contain a handsome, seemingly ageless man who has begun to haunt - or rather enhance - her dreams. Chasing this ghost, who may possibly be linked to her assumed-dead father, Clea and her best friend/potential love interest Ben venture down to Rio, where she comes face to face with the man of her dreams. At this point, this could’ve turned into a very interesting ghost-beyond-the-grave time-shifting sort of tale that would’ve kept the reader breathless and guessing until the very end. However, Duff decided on giving it a turn with fables, immortality and a centuries-old dust magnet hanging out in a mall. If the story stuck with history-based haunts and paranormal-tinged mystery, it would’ve been all-out riveting; however, it’s still a pretty good afternoon beach read.

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Author Website: Hilary Duff: Simon & Schuster

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