Spyder Hole
by Bob Nesoff

September 11, 2001 was a date that changed the course of the world as mankind knew it, affecting every relationship and tie the USA had with the rest of the world. And the fact that former Green Beret Dan Halevi could’ve done something to stop the attack hasn’t been a light weight on his mind. But when both New York and London are threatened by a nuclear attack, Halevi sees ahead of him a path of redemption…even at the risk of everything he’s known. Just like a Tom Clancy novel, the suspense is in no shortage. However, Nesoff, a former Green Beret himself, writes as though he is sculpting a blockbuster action script, which unfortunately lacks some of the specificity and detail required for a gripping, executable story and novel. That lack of followability unfortunately dilutes the effect the described events have, those of which are terrifyingly current, straight out of the headlines, and heart-stoppingly powerful. A brave, influential piece with great potential.

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