Honey Mustard
by Ho-Kyung Yeo
Book: 1

Who would’ve thought a simple crush could get you into so much trouble? Sounding like something straight out of the Traumarama section of Seventeen magazine, Honey Mustard follows Ara as she tries to confess her feelings for Jung Hanil…but ends up engaged to marry a guy she doesn’t even know! When Ara and Young-Woo are found in a precarious position at school after Young-Woo escapes a bully beating and Ara falls victim to a little too much alcohol, they must deal with their chaotic families, who are in furious tizzies about their children’s resulting school suspensions. It unfortunately reveals a whirlwind of twisted family priorities and emotions, none of which lend the least bit of sympathy to the kids, who just want their families to hear them out. Though it is a light-hearted tale with several moments worth of giggles, Honey Mustard is more than the typical hot guy-focused tale with any and every odd situation coming between the inevitable heartthrobs. The story could go in many different directions, with various outcomes, few of which could bring the unlikely couple together, which keeps it interesting.

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