Love Hina
by Ken Akamatsu
Book: 9
(For Mature Audiences)

Looks like Keitaro’s luck might be changing for the better – he has passed his entrance exams for Tokyo University and is about to start the semester. But misfortune returns to him in a big way, giving him a broken leg and preventing him from attending the entire first semester of school! He isn’t short of adventure at the Hinata House, though, as Naru tries to absorb Keitaro’s bedside love declaration to her; Motoko’s sister shows up to hand the family business over to her, against her will; Seta returns to declare his love for, not Naru, but Haruka; and Shinobu sets her sights on a future at Tokyo U…and a date with Keitaro. The other characters’ histories are starting to develop and expand in great ways, and with Keitaro and Naru’s relationship making strides, the cast is showing signs of growing past the usual shenanigans, opening the next books up for interesting turns of events.

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Author Website: AILove.net (Japanese)

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