Love Hina
by Ken Akamatsu
Book: 10
(For Mature Audiences)

Naru and Keitaro are inching closer and closer…but it’s with no help from the klutzy Mutsumi, who causes Naru to question the “maybe” she gave Keitaro by being diagnosed with amnesia and suddenly becoming betrothed to Keitaro! (It’s very complicated…) Unfortunately, with this installment, the other characters’ richly developing histories and personalities take a back seat to the Narutaro relationship, with only the occasional easily-resolved mishap that reassures the central characters of their feelings. As for Mutsumi, she seemed to be put into every position that could potentially compromise Narutaro and their aggravatingly tense awkwardness between them, just to drill home Naru and Keitaro’s hidden attraction and love for each other. The Mutsumi tale seemed a bit forced, but the commonplace high-jinks at the Hinata House make it a short, funny read.

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Author Website: AILove.net (Japanese)

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