Black Widow
by Cliff Ryder
Series: Room 59
Book: 5

Room 59, a syndicate of secret agents from all branches of operation and government, tends to stay under the radar. But when a weapons deal is foiled by a clever MI-6 agent on the inside, the organization stands at attention and goes through all means necessary to recruit the young Ajza Manaev, who is still reeling over her brother’s recent death. Sneaking around stealthily and nabbing bad guys would’ve been all fine and well, but when Ajza has to surrender herself to a terrorist training camp focused on training widowed soldiers’ wives, she encounters more than she bargained for. Along the lines of Tom Clancy, the Room 59 series hasn’t failed in delivering the action and suspense with each book covering a different operation and agent. Manaev’s loss of her brother is moving, though the likelihood of two secret agents within the family does come off as a little far-fetched. Some of the characters seem to be thrown by the wayside upon the closing – a quick ‘where-are-they-now’ for them would’ve sufficed, but once Ajza comes into the picture, only those of uttermost importance are regarded. That aside, the latest in the Room 59 series is a suspenseful, fast-paced, can’t-put-it-down home run.

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