Termination Orders: Code Name Cobra
by Leo J. Maloney & Caio Camargo

In this fast-paced, action-packed thriller by first-time novelist and former Black Ops agent Leo J. Maloney, Dan Morgan, in an attempt to keep his family safe and protected from his past experiences in Black Ops, temporarily appeases the CIA in response to his close teammate Peter Conley’s death. But once interpreting the circumstances of his death via a coded message Conley, codenamed Cougar, has posthumously left him, Morgan, a.k.a. Cobra, jets off to find out the truth, starting a conspiratorial manhunt of epic proportions, putting himself, Peter, and his wife and daughter in the crosshairs. Termination Orders spans the globe in a whirlwind of events that twist the storyline every which way, creating and sustaining the suspense and attention-grabbing action Tom Clancy novels are made of. Leo’s personal experience in Black Ops gives him a knee-up on the competition, though, as he relays a deep connection to the events , bumping up the impact and the reader’s caring for the characters. For a debut novel, Maloney hits it out of the park and leaves the story just open enough for a possible sequel or Dan Morgan trilogy.

Review Posted: PaperBackSwap, Amazon
Author Website: Leo J. Maloney

Check out the book's trailer! The narrator has such a cool voice.

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