Seamus the Sheltie to the Rescue!
by James Beverly
Illustrated by Anita Miles

Seamus is a Shetland sheepdog with a friendly wisdom to share with his neighborhood’s animal kingdom, and he does just that in the series of tales told in Seamus the Sheltie to the Rescue!. In this enjoyable, insightful collection, Seamus helps a little family of mice find their way home in the winter; a few puppies with their issues of car sickness, abandonment and premature adventure-seeking; a family of birds with a egg-eating possum problem; and many more. Each tale teaches morals that even a few adults could learn from, and they’re a delight to read aloud with Seamus’s own disjointed version of the English language called ‘Seamus-Speak’. The book also includes discussion guides for each chapter, to help youngsters struggling with the characters’ reactions or intentions, and an appendix of translations of the aforementioned Seamus-Speak, which isn’t limited to Seamus, but the entire animal cast, save a wise, situation-defusing crow. Based on a real-life dog, Seamus is a beautiful reflection of the loving nature of dogs and an easy read providing life lessons for all ages.

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Author Website: Seamus the Sheltie

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