Love Hina
by Ken Akamatsu
(For Mature Audiences)

The chilly winter has brought about a fiery blaze…literally! Klutzy Mutsumi, Keitaro’s childhood inspiration for trying for three years to gain entrance to Tokyo University, burns down her apartment and finds refuge at the Hinata House dormitory. With this, resident and Keitaro study buddy Naru makes her feels for the trouble-prone landlord more prominent, even trying to break the now determined and concentrated Keitaro from his studying haze with the occasional intended flash of cleavage and the assistance of their crazy roomies: the promiscuous Kitsune, the sword-wielding Motoko, the always-hungry Su, and the shy, self-conscious Shinobu. Can Keitaro finally win his battle against being a four-year ronin (prepatory student that failed entrance exams)? Will Mutsumi’s oft-naked clumsiness stand in the way of Naru exploring her true feelings for Keitaro? The girls are up to their usual antics in this one, but Keitaro and Naru’s relationship shows much more promise and solidity, revving up for the possibility of Keitaro’s fourth failed year and his continued stay as Hinata House’s owner.

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Author Website: AILove.net (Japanese)

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