Much Ado About Nothing
by William Shakespeare
Illustrated by Emma Vieceli

The classic tale of Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, a story of love, loss and betrayal at its emotional peak, has been recreated in the form of a manga. The tale follows Claudio and Hero’s relationship and the many obstacles that wish to break it apart (mainly Don John and his evil schemes) and Benedick and Beatrice’s gradual warming to each other through well-intended trickery. The imagery is well-received, though the visual likeness of the characters can be a bit confusing if one isn’t familiar with the story’s characters and intentions. There are also some emotional highlights (humorous, enlightening and saddening all) that aren’t reflected well in the imagery, and would be better understood and received in watching the Kenneth Branagh film of the same name (which, on a side note, I recommend highly). However, the story is retold well enough to arouse some interest of Shakespeare’s other works in the avid manga devourer.

Review Posted: PaperBackSwap
Author Website: Emma Vieceli

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