Love Hina
by Ken Akamatsu
Book: 4
(For Mature Audiences)

Hinata House landlord Keitaro seems to have given up on his childhood dream of going to Tokyo University, and now he’s looking for a part-time job…without much success. But ever the trouble magnet, Keitaro stumbles upon a job opportunity with a Tokyo U professor…and that professor just happens to be the former tutor and old crush of Keitaro’s tenant and wish-washy love interest Naru! If lovelorn Keitaro wasn’t a sad little case already, having gained a reputation for literally falling into compromising positions and situations with all the girls of the Hinata House dorm, he becomes even more so with Naru’s unsure feelings about him and the professor, Seta. Each character’s personality is expanded a little bit in this book, revealing deeper flaws and relatable aspects that are charming and real. Keitaro is no exception, as he seeks the passion and reason to continue his ongoing struggle of continuing his education while handling a unique set of responsibilities few young people his age have. Another adorable, romantically-complex installment of the series.

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Author Website: AILove.net (Japanese)

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