Love Hina
by Ken Akamatsu
Book: 2
(For Mature Audiences)

The girls of Hinata House are at it again, and their “landlord-in-training” Keitaro can’t seem to keep himself out of every precarious position he, almost always literally, falls into. In this second book, Keitaro and the live-in ladies have become more comfortable and tolerant of each other, some even bordering on fondness. But Keitaro’s second-year grades haven’t fared as well, and the promise he made to his childhood sweetheart, who may very well be Hinata’s own Naru, to attend Tokyo U is becoming more and more out of reach. Will all his hard work pay off in spite of the girls’ distracting, flirtatious horseplay? Or will poor Keitaro have to suffer through another year of preparatory school and give up the job any boy his age would wish for? The intentions of several of the girls can be quite confusing, like the rough-and-tough Motoko, who hints at feelings buried deep, but can’t resist any opportunity to practice her kendo on Keitaro. But the cute romantic between the struggling, love-deprived student and the girls is relatable and adorably charming, even if the reader doesn’t live with five crush-worthy young people like lucky Keitaro.

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Author Website: AILove.net (Japanese)

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